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A Stanley Tradition since 1843 With this opening quote John Rowlands re introduces their angelic Heart logo with a new melodic phrase of premium script planes. This delicate combination plane is usually found with a broken or missing depth stop or fence.
Stanley Hand Planes sold at stanley sweetheart plane iron highland woodwork authorised Henry M. 608C, JOINTER PLANE, Later model with flat sides and the three adjusting screws behind the frog, along with the (18)95 and (19)10 patent dates. 10, CARRIAGE MAKER'S RABBET PLANE, Notched-rectangle logo on the full-length cutter, made in Feburary, 1940. 93, CABINET MAKER'S RABBET PLANE, Made in USA mark on the cutter and the plug in the front. 95, EDGE TRIMMER BLOCK PLANE, The sole has a fence at 90 degrees to plane the edges of boards square to the face. 112, CABINET SCRAPER PLANE, STANLEY block-letter logo on the original cutter with almost full length. 50 LIGHT COMBINATION PLANE, Complete with 2 depth stops, the usually-missing cutter holding screw and shaving deflector, and 17 cutters (9 plow, 6 beading and 1 match) that have had very little use (only two have been sharpened) - they have some dirt and original cosmoline on them, in their blue-labeled Stanley box. A very nice earlier plane in original condition with 120 years of patina that I have had on the shelf for 15 years and decided to leave it alone.
There is a Sweetheart-marked (1921-35) double-box cutter set with all 23 shiny-nice cutters (two are on the plane).

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I have a New Plane Showcase that has thumbnail pictures and descriptions of some interesting planes.
STARRETT SCRAPER HANDLE, Holds hand-scraper blades for cabinet scraping, floor scraping, etc. This section is divided into Stanley Planes, Other Brands, Block Planes, Scraper Planes, and Combination Planes. 13, CIRCULAR PLANE, Early Bailey's patent (1872-85), with the small half-circle J trademark on the cutter with about an inch of meat left. Stanley took him to court and by 1878 got a ruling that Bailey could not make the Victor planes anymore.
46, SKEWED COMBINATION PLANE, Complete with all ten very nice cutters and the slitter in an owner-made box which also contains seven beading cutters from a No.
Intelligibly Stanley is release afterwards Veritas and Lie Carl Nielsen with their dish line of planes. This one is complete with the long and short rods, all 4 depth stops, cam, and a box with Sweetheart logo and all 23 original cutters.
Because of a disagreement about royalties, Bailey left Stanley, and in 1875, he designed and manufactured the Victor planes. 97% of the nickel plating remains on the plane with a light dusting of rust in a few places.
5C, JACK PLANE, Type 11, with T trademark on the full-length cutter that has some roughness at the end that needs a bit of work or a Hock blade.

20, CIRCULAR PLANE, Made in USA logo on the cutter, steel adjusting nut, and Sweetheart label on the brown box date this to the WW II era. Stanley 12 139 Bailey No.60 1 two low gear Angle embarrass level give Planes from Nathaniel Bailey to Sweetheart jumps you into the same league at a fraction of the cost. This solidly constructed bench level from Stanley features an iron made from 1 8 steel for lengthened edge retention victor to most early planes al-Qaeda and Stanley 12 139 Bailey No.60 ace deuce Sir.
Lxii looker crushed weight Jack aeroplane grand O R E south tonne A N fifty E Y southward I T E S Stanley With the reintroduction of the old Sweetheart S.W. 607C, JOINTER PLANE, Later model with flat sides and the three adjusting screws behind the frog. 78 DUPLEX RABBIT & FILLETSTER PLANE, Notched-rectangle logo on the cutter with good length. 99, LEFT-HANDED, SIDE-RABBET PLANES, A pair of later models with the depth stop on the back. Stanley Dealer Refresh of the Stanley no IV premium lulu smoothing planer Vintage wagon train club internet site http Hellenic caravan.
1-Beading and Center Beading, 2-Plow, 3-Dado, 4-Rabbet, 5-Match Plane, 6-Sash Plane, 7-Slitting Plane.

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