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If you want to change the appearance of your home, possibly to update or modernize it, staining wood paneling is a simple way to do just that.
Debbie, This is another post I have to pin for when I get to tackle a plank wall, I love the look you gave it and your tut is so easy to follow! Thank you so much for your inspirational tutorial with such amazing details on what to buy and do! I have a small table and two stools that are a finished, dark wood (from Target) that I want to lighten for the distressed beach weathered look.
Hi Kathy, be sure to pick up the WATER based wood stain clear tint base, and have them add a colored tint (like American Walnut). They should be able to tint it there for you, it’s not necessary to pick up an extra can of wood stain and mix them together. Parts list in the top right advice and angstrom unit bombastic filling of tools for atomic number but. Bandsaws - fine woodworking -, The selection the experts at WOOD Magazine in both downloadable. Old paneling that comes with the house can be expensive to remove and too dark or heavy for your imagined decor.
Paint your tired old paneling a trendy new shade for a sophisticated remake that's elegant and economical. Finishing any wooden fixtures in your house will bring out the natural colors of the wood, giving your home a delightful feeling of rusticness and modernity at once. You’ll want to do one plank at a time, to avoid the stain sitting too long in any one place.
On some of the longer planks, I started wiping it off before I was finished painting it on, because I didn’t want it sitting very long. To make the individual planks stand out even more, I took a small brush and went back over each edge with the dark stain. A weathered look for a wood paneled wall, that goes well with a beachy theme, if I do say so myself. If it is urethaned you can try thinning some oil based paint and putting that on the panelingand see if that gives you the look you want.

Take the easy way out of dealing with paneling and grab a paintbrush or a specialty wax to give it an upgrade.
Open up the space, add light, and mimic the clinical gleam of a professional chef's kitchen by painting all the paneling and trim white. The whitewashed-limed look could transform old paneling into a trendy textured design plus. He wanted the wood left the way it was, but I had something else in mind, more like this look from the ever talented Ana White.
Above: A staircase stained yellow in the Member's Reading Room of the Grazer Kunstverein by London artists Celine Condorelli and Harry Thaller, via Domus. Queste le 34 figure, ovunque residenti, che l’ Assindustria di Macerata sta cercando per imprese proprie e associate. Beautiful old paneling in your formal library may deserve a refinishing and some new shine.
Or sponge a vibrant color like turquoise or tangerine on the wall above painted paneling in a family room or casual eat-in kitchen. If you are staining wood paneling which is already installed, clear the floor below the paneling and lay down paitner’s tarp. It’s perfect for finishing furniture outside, but not so perfect for a large bedroom wall.
In the mean time, I’ll leave you with some pictures of a dress I made her last year for graduation. Beadboard is an affordable way to go directly over unsightly popcorn or stippled ceilings, like this, which I used in the makeover of FOX News reporter Stacy Elgin’s home office. Old paneling should be washed down to remove any dust, grime and powdery finish before priming and painting. If you have an aversion to modern minimalist white, soften the impact with vanilla paint or very pale linen on the paneling and cabinets, bordered by shiny white trim.
White paint makes the paneling disappear, eliminating the claustrophobic feel of dark wood. Old barn wood is already worn enough to absorb liming wax, which works almost as well on other hardwoods that are not as porous.

If you are staining panels which have yet to be installed, lay each piece of wood paneling on a flat, level surface where it is safe to work, such as on a work bench in your garage.2. Depending on its condition, the wood may require light sanding to create a clean surface for the new paint.
Refinish and clear-coat plank floors with high-gloss polyurethane, shine up the terra cotta or wipe down eco-friendly linoleum; most flooring complements white or pale paneling.
At the same time, the paint lets the detail of the beadboard or paneling show through, adding interest to the decor without overwhelming it.
One approach is to sand the paneling, apply a colored stain, such as a light blue or green, and then lime the stained wood for a faux-aged appearance. If you do not know if your wood paneling has been wax, play it safe and use the wax remover anyway.4. If your wood paneling is made of a soft wood like cedar or pine, you may want to use a clear conditioner. Soft woods can drain color from your stain, but a clear conditioner can help to prevent this.7. Paint the clear conditioner onto your wood paneling before you apply the stain using a clean paint brush.8. Read the package of your clear conditioner to learn how much time to wait before applying your stain, usually you should wait about fifteen minutes.9. Note that when you stain the wood paneling, it will appear lighter than you mixture will appear in the paint can.10.
Apply more coats of stain as necessary.Find A Painting ProfessionalIf you want your wood paneling to be stained professionally, you can contact a professional painter to stain your wood paneling for you.

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