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Mine is an old Kenmore freezer, I put a electric replacement element for a Brinkmann in for heat source.
I'm also working on a smokehouseOK, I’m starting a project of building a smokehouse out of an old refrigerator,too. For now I’m going to just manually control the heat with an external switch and temperature gauge. I’ve studied several different web sites on building a smokehouse out of a refrigerator, but all seemed a little incomplete. Even though I cook on charcoal I wanted to have a propane grill for small quick cooks like hot dogs. About a year ago I got and old refrigerator gave to me, under the assumption that it work, and I’m sure it did when they took it out of the kitchen.

With near future plans of adding a thermostat controller to it, as soon as I find a old oven to use the controller out of or save enough money to buy one.
I keep asking myself if I’m forgetting something, so I’m asking for any ideas or suggestions that might be out there. Well when I got it home it didn’t work, I kept it with the idea of a few different projects, and the one that seemed to have won out is a smokehouse for cold smoking. It has some plastic inside but the sides are metal, so my plans are to remove the freezer and plastic out, and cut a 4” hole in the top and bottom of one of the sides. I have a used 16 gal oil drum that I will clean up, cut down to make a smoke box out of using an electric hot plate and saw dust pan or chip box, also going to put a hot plate in the bottom of the refrigerator for a heat source. But as I stated above, my setup is ideal for cold smoking exactly because my heat sources are seperated.

I've also added fire brick to the bottom and am making a perforated sheet metal diffuser plate. Inside that is a 1250 watt hot plate upon which I place a stainless steel pan (dog dish) of sawdust or chips, the smoke is piped into the freezer. So my goal was to keep smoking heat and cooking heat sources seperate to prevent heat loss, but it will work beautifully for cold smokes, since the heat required for smoke generation is physically removed from the freezer.

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