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See exchange featured in the Jack Swigert Aerospace Academy's Cyber Cafe at their grand opening.
With computers and laptops put away, full attention can be given to text materials for individuals, pairs and small groups. With personal space defined by the Exchange™ Element, there is room for personal privacy without screens. Joining clamps are positioned to lock exchange elements™ into their planned positions.
The desktop space to the left works as a place for text materials or as a shared conference space with the neighboring collaborator. Give me a minute-- When the body language changes for privacy, the personal space is reinforced with the exchange™ element desk shape.

Using text materials, the flipIT® computer stations are closed, allowing a completely cleared desktop.
The exchange™ video collaboration studio is made up of mirror image exchange elements, two right and two lefts.
The triangular table shape that works so well for iConference Tables, such as Piano, Collab, and Boomerang, is applied to the exchange™ elements in mirror image. Even if the group should meet in the middle, side-by side, the diagonal lines of the table top break up the space so bodies turn for friendly exchange.
Exchange collaborative office furniture is also used for team meetings in the commercial setting. Each exchange element becomes its own equalizing sphere of influence, similar to a circle (A circle does not give any territorial balance, so a greater amount of distance given an individual in a circle increases the power of that individual: greater distance = greater power.

The exchange™ element does this as a stand-alone, but also works the same way for the hexagonal collaboration shape. Exchange™ is such a revolutionary concept that you may benefit from a full proposal with floor plan to describe its benefits to others on your team.

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