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It was done "cheating"-style, using a CNC mill:But that doesn't mean the unnamed Micro Machine Shop craftsperson who produced it lacks lathing skills.
Not every project you see here will be a Project Car; some will be garage projects and smaller universal projects that apply to any and all restorations.
Cool Woodworking Ideas – Wood shop applications are the fact is near to for a long time.
Seeing what someone else is doing can give you motivation on your own project or it can even provide you with some new ideas for your current or next project.

We have added a four-post lift; check out that project on our other Projects page, Click Here. To see what we have going you can go to our Garage Projects to see some of the smaller projects, Click Here. Other Project Cars will have only very minor tweaking done to them to make the car more original or simply better running. Even send us examples of your Project Car; what you have done or what you saw at a car show that you really thought was unique or well done.

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