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A few years back I made a shoe rack for the tiny corner by our back door which is the only place to put shoes when we enter the house. Our original rack was installed using a series of L-brackets and when we were putting it up we realized that if we’d mounted the shelves on a backing instead of the wall itself we would have to drill a whole lot fewer holes into the wall. I determined that upper and lower shelves that are 2 inches apart are good for all of our shoes.
Gallery of Shoe Storage Cabinets Ideas For Small SpaceThere are 27 high resolution pics again to check, so do not miss to see Wonderful images all in Shoe Storage Cabinets Ideas For Small Space article galleries for your next inspiration by clicking the thumbnail below. I love that it floats off the floor, I love that it doesn’t take up much space when no shoes are present, I love that it was the perfect shoe solution to my very cramped back entryway. I was considering painting the planks with a colored paint, and if I had done that I might have painted the wall between the top and bottom shelf set the same color to create a visual whole for each set.
Conclusion: While we came nowhere near the low profile of the j-me shoe rack, we created something that works better for our purposes and for our small space than anything we could find in a shop. I love this too, but can see not working in a house with a dog who enjoys running off with shoes.
Juice – My flip flops hang down at an angle, and anything that has a soft sole might not stay in place. If you’re fearing the effect on your shoes, stick a stretch of felt under the toe-piece.
What I hate most about having the shoes on the floor is that it’s a pain to clean *under* them. Try gluing thick felt (in the same color as the shelf)to the underside of your top shelf to cushion your better shoes. Nazilam- I have the same problem but with an infant who has a taste for his big sister’s shoes. I think that it would look interesting if the shelves were made of clear acrylic, the shoes would appear to hang in mid-air. Mordin – The j-me shoe rack is made of brushed stainless steel and I doubt I could get through it using snips. Bobby D – It rarely snows where I live, and I would hope anybody would have the good sense to let the shoes melt and dry before putting them in there. Paul – Simply this, when the shoes are not present the rack itself takes up a lot less space. I think the original j-me rack was meant to be placed in a hallway, in which case you would definitely need to keep the amount of space it takes up to a minimum. As for putting up something to hold the shoes vertically, I can fit a lot more shoes into the same space if they are perched toe in, and it’s also really easy to grab them to take on and off.

Glue felt to the bottom of it and use socks in the shoes (More good storage.) and bye bye crease and scuff worries! We have 4 people with way to many shoes so I’m going to re-create with space for about 30 pair. For the guy with size 13’s like me, measure the thickness of your shoe compared to a size 8 or 9. Normally, PVC pipe hides behind drywall, but here it takes center stage as the basis for another creative DIY shoe rack. In tight spaces, such as an entryway nook, this DIY shoe rack provides a compact yet effective storage solution for shoes of any type, from lightweight sneakers to bulky galoshes. If your collection of shoes is so large that it poses a problem, Ana White has the answer: a full-blown piece of wood furniture specially designed to hold shoes for all seasons. There isn’t enough room to fit a regular rack and the space is tight enough that I wanted to avoid having anything hard that I (because I am clumsy) could bang my shin on as I am reaching for my coat or hurrying to shut off the house alarm.
So, with the shoe situation only getting worse I decided to make a version that would hold six pairs of shoes instead of four and this time make it with a backing. This means we can neatly (or some approximation thereof) store eight pairs of shoes in a compact space and if I do bump into anything it will only knock a shoe off the rack and cause no pain. Place the holes below the wider shelves and you won’t be able to see the mounting hardware while you are standing. This compact she rack remains a better solution for our tight corner than anything we could buy in a store. About authorHanne, yep that is the name of author for this post "Shoe Storage Cabinets Ideas For Small Space".
Also, if the shoe racks were painted a darker color than the wall, it might be easier to disguise the inevitable scuff marks the toes of the shoes will leave on the wall. My 8 year old has Imelda Marcos tendencies, so even with a mud room to store most shoes and some in our closets, there are several pairs to store by the front door.
I will doffo be using this site for some clearly simple advice when we move shortly, to our own place yay!!! To tidy it up a bit, I’d suggest inverting the bottom shelf hanger so that the top shelf bracket and the bottom shelf bracket are in-between the two shelves (in front of the toes of the shoes. I have been shopping all over for a shoe rack that will work with the space I have and that is perfect, thank you! I think the j-me shoe rack is nicely engineered, smooth and far easier to install than my clunky alternative.
I’ve had similar problems with shoe racks I’ve liked, but was never industrious enough to come up with a clever solution as you have!

But as someone has already mentioned, this would not work in my house since my dog would steal the shoes off the rack for a snack. Keep in mind, at the door like this it’s less of a storage rack and more of a temporary stop. In this case we have more room to move around in the bit of hallway, and one is much less likely to bump into the corner of the shoe rack when going in a straight line from one door to the next. Control the clutter of loafers, clogs, and slippers with one of these easy and effective DIY shoe rack ideas. Option one: Take inspiration from Jenna McArthur, who transformed a disassembled picture frame into an array of wall-mounted display racks. Check out not martha to see how Megan built hers from plywood and poplar, and then sanded and stained the rack for a finished look. Best for sandals and flat-soled shoes, this DIY shoe rack involves little more than regular wire clothing hangers and string, yarn, or rope. Savannah at OH SO PRETTY the DIARIES shares the easy how-to. At the time I took some inspiration from a designer rack (that was tragically built too long to fit into our space) and set up a series of short shelves that the toes of the shoes perch on. When we’re standing in our tight back hallway the shoes seem well spaced from the angle you can see them at, but the pairs of shelves could be closer together, say 3 inches, and leave plenty of room for the height of the shoes themselves. When shoes are present, bumping into the heel of a shoe is much less painful than bumping into the corner of a shelf.
We’ve used it for the last, wow, five years but of course it very quickly went from the spot to hold four pairs of shoes to the spot where we unceremoniously dump about ten pairs. We used half of those plastic drywall anchor screw setups for our first version and it was sturdy until the day I took it down. If I could do it over I also would have gone ahead and made a third set of shelves, having shoes tidily stored at the door has proven very nice.
Besides, after the wood, hardware, stain and time involved the cost of my shoe rack was not insignificant. These DIY shoe rack ideas are low fuss and low cost, plus they’re highly customizable to meet your specific needs. Besides which, when shoes are in the rack none of the hardware is visible when you view it from eye level (some of the pictures were taken lower).

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