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The Clifton line of shoulder planes are the direct descendants of the legendary Preston planes of old. The Clifton bench planes, like their Lie-Nielsen counterparts, are based on the classic Stanley Bedrock line of planes that were produced before the second World War.
All new bench plane blades that are sold today, whether they be from Ron Hock, or with a new plane, will come ground straight across. Clifton #4 Smoothing Plane Bedrock style smoothing plane with rosewood knob and tote and heavy hand forged 2" wide Clifton made blade.

Clifton #5 Jack Plane Bedrock style jack plane with rosewood knob and tote and heavy hand forged 2" wide Clifton made blade.
Reconfigurable through removeable parts, this plane combines the features of a shoulder, bullnose, and chisel plane all into one. Clifton 400 Bullnose Plane Made for the most delicate work, the original of this plane is one of the hardest to find Preston planes. The Clifton #3 is an excellent size smoothing plane for small work, or for people with smaller hands.

The Clifton Fore plane is one of the handiest bench planes, great for truing up warped and twisted boards and for jointing shorter lengths.

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