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Now companies and designers all over the world are working like crazy to flatten their designs and prove they have what it takes.
Flat design is about removing everything non-essential: bevels, textures, backdrops, gradients and other forms of decoration. Knowing this, re-think the layout and remove every piece of design that has no functional value or purpose. Simplification, focusing on content and using pictogram-style icons are key guidelines to follow, although flat design has many other subtleties you need to take care of — but that is a topic to discuss in another post. We'll help improve your design folio, give tips on finding clients and connect you with creative professionals.
Thus, designers have to use other ways to make wallpapers stay relevant for smartphone use.
If you’re thinking this will amount to dull, boring looking design, you are right — but only until you understand how to work with content. Launched just last week, a new application lets you play around with different shapes, sizes, and colors of an ingenious new shelving system, with some stock tchotchkes to rearrange on an image of your actual home.

Next, choose cedar chest plans that have some design because the cuts at every side accommodates. Flat design is about making people forget about the interface and fall in love with the content. Peter Vukovic is a seasoned designer & creative director with 10 years of experience in worldwide advertising agency.
Icons Skins 2 – Icons Skins 2 is an iPhone app which consists of 42 best home screen backgrounds that best fit your app icons and you can clearly read all app labels with 960 x 640 retina resolutions.
Notice how the movie covers dominate the new flat, design, as opposed to the 3D shelf of the current app. Called Corniches (the French word for ridge, ledge, or scenic cliffside road), these wall-mounted fixtures are a hybrid of shelf and hook, protruding ever so slightly to accommodate nothing bigger than a trinket, your hat, or set of keys. Flat design doesn’t tolerate elaborate icons — in fact, the current trend has icon design moving towards traditional pictograms. Shelf Backgrounds and Wallpapers – An iPhone app with 1,000+ shelf backgrounds for your home screen.

In a majority of cases, you can use the same layout and general approach but re-style the design so it better fits the new flat trend. If you don’t like restricting your apps to shelves, you can also go for smooth line-free backdrops like the ones featured near the end of the list. Try following the same general idea when it comes to icon design — make sure each icon is not only “flat” but simply and accurately represents the action behind it. Fresh Touch – A set of high-definition wallpapers which will turn your iPhone into a garden shed. This wallpaper turns some of your app icons into sticky notes, just don’t try to pull it out. Nano Tubes – This wallpaper invades your homescreen with microscopic tubes to house your app icons.

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