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How to cut large letters with a jigsaw Aug 19th, 201330 Comments A few years ago I was on Good Things Utah {a local lifestyle TV morning show here in Utah} sharing a project that Dan had cut out for me with a jigsaw. After I traced the letters, I set up the MDF on sawhorses and clamped them on with wood clamps.  Next I got my corded jigsaw and started cutting the letters out carefully.
After the cutting was complete, I used my trusty spray painting skills and painted those bad boys. I love that you remind us that we CAN do things that seem not “do-able” with just a little forethought! Several coats of paint later, the letters were ready for student pictures to be Mod Podged into place.
He carefully removes the blade from the scrolls saw (make sure to always unplug the saw before removing the blade), places the drilled hole over where the blade will sit and then he replaces the blade back in the scroll saw. If you own a scroll saw or ever wanted to cut out your own letters we hope this gives you a little insight on how easy it is to do.

Something we have never shared on Sew Woodsy before is Jon’s love for cutting letters using his scroll saw. Lastly, before painting Jon used his router and key hole bit to create key holes to hang the letters. This is what the key holes look like. Jon placed the last letter on the wall and easy as that in an afternoon the letters for Ryder’s name was finally done!
It makes it easier for me to do it this way because I know that it will fit into the space perfectly. I love this post because I’ve been waiting on my husband to make and cut out some large letters for a project. I was just asking a handy man friend of mine about what types of tools to get to do some small wood projects and jigsaw is on the list! This is a hobby of sorts and we typically give these out as gifts for friends and family who are expecting babies.

To ensure that the letters were the same size I made sure that the length of each letter was the same at 14-inches. If you have a jigsaw it can work too–the only difference is that you have to hold the tool and wood vs the scroll saw where you just hold the wood to the saw. But, if you do need to buy it, just make sure to have the guys cut it for you so that you can fit it into your car! On the inside of the letters I drilled holes with a large drill bit to give me access to the inside.  I used a corded jigsaw because our cordless jigsaw just didn’t have enough consistent power to make the cuts smooth.

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