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Kevin Sauder, president and chief executive officer of Archbold-based Sauder Woodworking, said the new contract will mean an investment of more than $13 million in new equipment for the company. Products currently produced in the United States include kitchen cabinets, mattresses, sofas, entertainment furniture, shelving units, and appliances, Ikea said. Sauder chose to implement a variety of Unify solutions, including Basic Voice, Standard and Unified Messaging, Call Center, IVR, Unified and Web Collaboration. The Unified and Web Collaboration tools provided new, innovative opportunities for Sauder employees to interact with each other. Sauder said Ikea chose Sauder Woodworking because it had a combination of price, quality, and manufacturing capacity that the Swedish retailer needed.

Sauder Furniture, also referred to as office collections from Sauder, brings style, functionality and reasonable prices with a truly vast selection to every customer. Sauder Furniture, located in Archbold, Ohio, is North America's leading producer of ready to assemble furnishings for both homes and businesses and is one of our most popular brands. These office collections from Sauder, including both the Heritage Hill and Harbor View Collections, allow you to easily outfit your office with coordinating pieces to create a cohesive look and feel. The deal was struck after Sauder conducted seven months of negotiations with Ikea on specifications for the cabinetry components, which before 2007 were made in Eastern Europe. An authentic American original, 90 percent of Sauder® furniture is manufactured in Archbold, Ohio.

This voice solution is deployed at Sauder Woodworking operating units throughout the United States.

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