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You may find that your wood floor has been sanded to many times in the past, and now is too thin to be sanded again. Wood filler in any gaps will crack out eventually, and the floor will look better in the future if the filler is dark all the way through. I may find at this point that the floor is just too thin or damaged to handle the extensive sanding process that a stained floor needs.

I will do all my edging only when I have completed the drum sanding, this avoids having any sanding-grit get under the drum sander. This article will show you how to use safe, but effective chemicals, to refinish your wood floors. When pulling around that heavy floor sander, you need to think about gouging or sanding your floor unevenly, I will teach you how to make a perfectly flat floor.

And it does take months of training to use a floor sander without gouging your fine wood floor.

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