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In order to get a really smooth finish on wood, there are a few processes I undertake to help me get the best result.
When a bowl has been turned, there will usually be areas of torn grain, ridges and other defects, which require sanding. I always like the inside profile of a bowl to follow a perfect arc, which extends from the rim to the base.
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My more intricate, natural edge bowls are harder to sand, so a lot of patients is essential!
The odd bump or ridge can be removed when the bowl is stationary, but will then need a quick sand over whilst the lathe is spinning, in order to remove irregular sanding marks.

This accepts three inch diameter Velcro backed sanding discs and its flexible construction is designed to follow the contours of the timber.
I usually start with a 120 grit sanding disc, but do use a coarser 60 grit disc on occasions.
Because of this, I always use a small block of wood and sandpaper to flatten any irregularities. The most important thing is to make sure all sanding lines have vanished before moving to a finer grade of sandpaper - Just one coarse sanding mark will stand out like a crack when the oil has been applied!
On completing the sanding, I will vacuum the bowl and make sure all dust and debris are removed from the surface.
A good example of this would be the initial sanding of the base on a very deep natural edge bowl, where access with a turning tool has been restricted.

I see these wooden salad bowls all the time in all different sizes and shapes when I'm thrifting. I've commented many times (or at least I feel like I have!) that I love the look of furniture that has stained wood paired with painted wood. I did my painting in a very haphazard way, not really worrying about whether the bowl was covered completely in all places.

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