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You may find that your wood floor has been sanded to many times in the past, and now is too thin to be sanded again. This guide will show you the different types of parquet flooring and help you choose the right style. DG Wood Floors provides hardwood floor refinishing for the entire Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin. The hardwood floor refinishing process starts with sanding your hardwood floor with a rough paper to eliminate any depressions, dings, or inconsistencies, and to create a solid foundation to assure the best adhesion of your urethane. Nothing has as much character as a beautiful, lustrous, cascading staircase of wooden steps and rails. To make this dust-less, we use two separate vacuums during the sanding process, as well as mask off any cabinets, openings, doorways and use fans to create a negative airflow in the jobsite. With the new dustless system that Wood Floor Services uses, masking off openings is no longer required eliminating the need for tape and plastic which can add time and also create extra work after the tape is removed.

The sanding process is thoroughly controlled from start to finish, plus, it’s environmentally friendly too because no chemicals are needed for stripping the old finish. The containment of the dust when we refinish wood floors has always been a huge priority to Wood Floor Services and we take pride in a clean home when we are finished. This article will show you how to use safe, but effective chemicals, to refinish your wood floors. I may find at this point that the floor is just too thin or damaged to handle the extensive sanding process that a stained floor needs. I will do all my edging only when I have completed the drum sanding, this avoids having any sanding-grit get under the drum sander.
We properly seal off each wood flooring area to contain the dust and allow for proper sanding, finishing and cleanup.
Because we use different machines for the main floor and edges, during the final round of sanding, we buff the floor with a screen to bring the edges and main floor together before applying stain or urethane.

Allow our team of highly trained professionals to refinish your wooden staircase today and realize everything that your staircase can be. When pulling around that heavy floor sander, you need to think about gouging or sanding your floor unevenly, I will teach you how to make a perfectly flat floor. And it does take months of training to use a floor sander without gouging your fine wood floor. Following all sanding and buffing, we thoroughly clean the area to remove all dirt and dust that could impair the finish quality. Before applying the final coat, we will buff the hardwood floor to knock down any imperfections, creating the smoothest surface possible.

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