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Table saws are great tools for DIYers, but are capable of causing a lot of damage if you're not careful.
If you're a safety-conscious professional who always knows where your hands are in relation to a saw blade you may not need these helpers, but if you're forgetful or only occasionally use power tools, the push sticks might be a great safety tool for you. The push stick you use with your table saw is an integral part of the safety system that helps keep you out of harm’s way. But more important are the features that I believe are vital to keeping me safe when I’m pushing narrow stock through the saw.

As you know, when a kickback occurs, the stock binds then rises up over the saw blade teeth on the outfeed side of the table.
Steve Shanesy is the former publisher (and former editor and senior editor) of Popular Woodworking Magazine. And the angle of the handle assures you are applying downward pressure as well as pushing pressure. There are numerous push stick styles and designs, some shop-made and others store-bought, but in my view, not all push sticks offer the same level of safety.

Also my push stick is longer by about 2-3 inches and about one inch taller along the front. So to the degree you can keep the stock down flat on the table, you can help prevent kickback.

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