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While I would love to have a kitchen large enough to place a giant vintage ladders without disrupting traffic flow as shown in the picture above, that’s not going to happen in my home.  Instead, I envision using my ladder to hold kitchen towels, which is both practical and decorative!  I love this display from Buckets of Burlap!
While we’re on the subject of the kitchen, an old ladder can be suspended from the ceiling to make an interesting pot rack!
Whether used indoor or out, the rungs of a ladder are great for drying herbs and other flowers!
If the rungs are narrow, you can use an old ladder as a magazine rack, as done by The Lettered Cottage in this adorable guest bedroom!
Not only can you display books and magazines on ladders, but if the rungs are wide enough, you can also display decorative items using the rungs as open shelving.  I love the contrast between the elegance of the glass bottles and the rustic wood in this display from Maria of Dreamy Whites! If you use multiple ladders side-by-side, you can lay boards across the rungs to create your own custom shelving units!  I saw this done quite a bit at the antique faire as a way to display items for sale.

Short ladders can work as nightstands, holding everything from a bedside lamp to an alarm clock and reading books! In the bathroom, ladders propped against the wall can serve to hold bath towels and hand towels.
Whether you’re organizing your shoes or laying out the next day’s outfit, the rungs or a ladder can be quite useful!
Even the laundry room can use a little ladder love.  As shown by Kelley of The Polished Pebble, you can suspend a ladder from the ceiling to hang laundry baskets or clothes for air drying.
A ladder suspended from a table makes a unique chandelier, whether displaying lanterns or even mason jars.
I know the holidays are over, but I couldn’t leave out this cute idea to hang ornaments from the rungs of the ladder.

And if you even grow tired of your ladder indoors, you can always tuck it away in your garden and let nature grow up around it. Whether your ladder is new or old, leaning, orchard or DIY, it doesn’t matter because the function is in the shape! Mary – I was grocery shopping today and I almost bought herbs just so that I could dry them on my ladder! One is the back of a step ladder, where they’re not really rungs but rather the dowels that hold the legs together.

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