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In the meantime, I have gotten one, and will use one of the standard blanks in the other position, and will decide downtrack whether to replace it with a second router position or not.  I may decide instead to revert back to the original plan, and mount the second on the tablesaw after all. So instead of the router table always having to be some shop-made construction from MDF or melamine or similar, or pressed steel, or a wing tacked on the side of another tool like an afterthought, it has serious presence, and joins the 100+kg club as well. I have the same router wing attached to my tsc10-hb, but am having difficulty with the router setup. As far as getting depth, I had a look with my Triton router today, and saw that I have no problem with depth of plunge.

As a new adventurous into box joint, joinery and after study and research I optioned for the router table version The MLCS Multi Joint System as for me swapping out a router bit is much more to my liking apposed to swapping out a tablesaw blade plus it’s easier and leaves a cleaner cut. The screw advance box joint jig is the brain child of Matthias Wandel, the mad scientist of woodworking. I have slid the bolts down the t track style slots that are cast into the wing and am partially able to clamp the router in place. I’ve had this system for a good while and after trial and error during the learning phase, I now have a good grasp on how it works, am pleased with how it preforms, it’s ease in use and ready to write a review on it, once I got the hang of it I’ve been making flawless joints that look very professional, the bits I use are Whiteside up-spiral bits, I’ve learned that practically all of the box joint jigs work on the same principle be it tablesaw or router table it’s just a matter of ones liking and preference be it tablesaw or router table though I have heard that a router bit leaves a cleaner cut as mentioned earlier, I believe that all jigs share the same principle in that they work or use a key and spacing system and in order to have a smooth joint the spacing has to be precise any minute fluctuation in the spacing can leave for a bad joint, 1.

24" base constructed with sturdy MDF and durable laminated surface works on most router tables.
If the pins (box joint) won’t fit in the slots at all, the key was setup too far away from the router bit when spacing between the guide pin or guide bar, 3.

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