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With all kitchen plans, I'll be uploading 3D Models to Google 3D Warehouse in a Collection so you can download the models and design your own kitchens!
Special thanks to the kind folks over at PureBond for supplying our beautiful healthy plywood for these cabinets. Author Notes:  If anything is surprising us about building your own kitchen cabinets, it's just how easy it is! Holy cow that looks beautiful considering its home made and not some cheap store bought cabinet.
This easy-to-make project will allow you to product a stylish multi-functional stand, ideal for outdoor use, with a removable top box that can serve as a portable plant box or grilling caddy.
This three-section hardwood wine rack project was planned and fabricated using MLCS router bits and tools. This lovely Secret Compartment Jewelry Box is a great place to keep prized jewelry possessions. The kitchen is one of the areas in the home that would need to have a lot of storage spaces, as much as it needs many work surfaces.

The less pricey and much more versatile choice is a freestanding kitchen island, which could give your kitchen an additional working surface, the necessary storage spaces, as well as versatility as it is available in many different sizes. A freestanding kitchen cart is one of the most versatile and affordable choices out there, you can even make it on your own if you just have the suitable rolling kitchen cart plans. Plans are available in a varying dimensions, so make sure to choose the one which size works the best for your needs. You should also consider on how big or how deep you want the drawers and the cabinets to be, as well as whether or not the space available can cater to the overall dimension of the kitchen cart. If you are a carpenter or enjoy building things in your spare time, you get a collection of woodworking plans. Plus, with a hidden compartment, it's a great place to safely store important valuables like passports, cash, documents, and more. Kitchen islands can give homeowners the best of both worlds; as it can serve as a work surface as well as a storage.
Furthermore, a kitchen island can serve as a good focal point for your cooking space, which makes it very beneficial to have around.

Of course, as to how you want to be is up to your individual preference and needs, which is the reason why when it comes to choosing rolling kitchen cart plans, consider the dimension. Most standard sizes of islands are ranging from 36” and 20” deep from the front part to the back part, but it might vary significantly depending on how big you need and how they can accommodate the needs of your kitchen. If your kitchen island would only be used as food preparation surface most of the time, then choosing the plans that feature a butcher block would be ideal. Even though the built-in ones are awesome, that kind of kitchen islands would work better in open kitchens which have plenty of spaces.

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