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When Ana showed me this project I was really excited about it, because it could be used indoor or outdoor and her plans made it super easy to build myself.
Highly inspired by Pottery Barn's Chesapeake Bar Cart, sold out for a whopping $350 a cart, this bar cart, AKA beverage cart, party cart, or could be decorative plant cart, is made entirely of 1x3 boards (well, except for the wood wheels) and cost me under $20 to build in lumber.
If you don't want to argue with making wheels, Harbor Freight and Menards both have good selections of wheels that would be appropriate for this cart.

Was going to build the outdoor bar table for my brother so he has something to but his food on while he is bbqing but this is so much better for that situation. As I mentioned before I don't have a lot of time, so instead of measuring and marking the placement of each slat, I found the middle and worked my way out as far as placing them.

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