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I scraped off as much of the veneer as I could which ended up being less than half of what was on the top.
Soon enough you’ll be able to get your putty knife under the veneer and it will scrape off. And just like that you’ll have all your veneer removed and your dresser top (or whichever parts you do) will be ready to paint.
If you have small piece of wood veneer that is bubbled, you can do the same technique on a smaller scale.
Hey thanks so much for this tip…I had been struggling for hours on a beautiful old sideboard cabinet with some terrible water damage i bought for $50 at a thrift store.
In my case, and all the peeling veneer furniture pieces that i have worked on in the past, under the veneer is solid pine or pine planks.
2nd – Im sure there are tons of ways to remove veneer and you have to find what works best for you, but this one little trick will make it lots easier. After peeling up the veneer, there were some spots that had remaining wood glued to it and the old gluing papers.
This post has impeccable timing – my sister wants me to redo a piece for her and there’s peeling veneer from the elements too! So I took a knife and spent about 10 minutes removing all of the veneer that was flaking, cracking, bubbling and peeling, and I ended up with this.

After 24 hours, the veneer still wasn’t coming off easily, so I scored it with a razor blade, and put the towel back on for about eight more hours. But all of my hard work paid off, because I discovered the most awesome striped wood drawers underneath all of that veneer. BTW, many older pieces of veneered furniture utilized hide glue to adhere the veneer, so vinegar is often used to break down the glue. Working sections, slip your trowel under a the veneer at the edge of the surface and then work your way across while lifting the veneer.
Once you have the veneer off, sand the entire surface with an orbital sander to remove any remaining bits of glue - then let the piece dry completely before proceeding with your makeover. The veneer definitely needed to come off, the rest of the dresser was fine – even that piece missing on the top left drawer was OK by me because of what I have planned for this piece.
It took me about 45 minutes to get veneer off half the top of this dresser which is 22 x 38 inches. As you can see in the pictures I had already primed this dresser including the top when I saw the veneer was beyond repair.  I had to sand off the primer I already put on the top in order to remove the wood.
I have a piece I that I need to remove the veneer from and was just going to Spackle it smooth. I got a dresser for next to nothing at an auction, and took the veneer off the old fashioned way, scraping, sanding etc, I finally did get it done, but it took days!

What you want to happen is for the water on the wood and towel to soak into the layer of veneer to make it softer and loosen the glue underneath so the wood will peel off. I wanted to use the wood underneath and am happy to see this way of removing some of the veneer that is left.
Then I wet the towel, not so it is soaking, but pretty damp is good, lay the towel over the veneer you want to remove, working in small sections, and you simply lay the iron on the towel for a bit. I’ve sanded it down and it looks lovely except for the cracked and warped veneer on the doors. I could try removing the veneer from them also but think it would be very tedious and risk damaging the design.
A heat gun may prove valuable also for other project, such as removing linoleum or stick on tiles or old caulk from windows.

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