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Redheart is a dense fine textured hardwood from Central America with a beautiful red heartwood color. Although I find this wood to be widely available at exotic wood dealers, details of its provenance seem less available than just about any other exotic wood I am familiar with. Alternate common names include chakte kok even though that name actually belongs more properly to a related wood of similar appearance. Sheila at Pens of Color reports that she has pens of redheart that she turned 5 years ago and they are still vibrant red.

Redheart is an exotic wood with dull pink to moderately bright red and fades considerably with long exposure to UV. Redheart Wood BlanksExotic Wood Blanks: Below you will find stock sizes of Redheart exotic wood blanks. As with many red colored woods such as Padauk and Bloodwood, Redheart will oxidize to a brown color if not protected by a UV blocking finish.
Redheart is a difficult lumber to dry but when cured properly it makes beautiful furniture.

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