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Fasten the legs onto the bed.  Fasten two 31? boards on the outside of each corner with at least 2 screws each board. This entry was posted in DIY, DIY gardening supplies, Gardening, Homemade gifts and tagged garden bed, raised bed, tabletop raised bed by Julie Anderson. I know this doesn’t really have anything to do with decorating, but Matt and I are so excited about being able to have fresh organic veggies growing right outside our door, and I know that many of you could use something like this, too! Next take two assembled legs and one leg support crossbar and position them as shown below.  Screw each side together with two screws.
Now position the bottom short leg pieces just below the crossbar, and screw into place.  Assemble the legs sections for the other side of the bed in the exact same way. Now start building up the sides of the bed, working on the long sides first, and then short sides last.  Each side uses four boards. Also cut support pieces to position on the legs, and screw into place at a height that is even with the other long support piece.

With two beds, we’ll have about 24 square feet of planting space.  Not too bad for condo living!
Love it and can’t wait to see how nice it looks brimming with all the pretty veggies and herbs!
My friend, Art, took measurements of this tabletop bed and decided to build two for his wife, Doreen. Art’s success has given me the confidence to build two of my own raised beds this weekend. I want to start a garden this spring and this is really great for a planter idea if you just build it up more. The weather here was absolutely gorgeous, so I took the opportunity to work on a project outside–building an elevated garden table. Have gardened in raised garden boxes, plus a huge homemade greenhouse that I designed for 32 years.

Use your third 2×2 board in the bottom middle of the bed and drill screws to make it secure on both sides of the bed.
These table gardens can be made to any size, and are perfect for people who live in apartments or condos, or who people who have a tiny back yard with no space for an in-ground garden.
Plants have needs like people, water, food and environmental, DO NOT USE anything labeled Miracle Grow on these plants, ONLY rich composted soil. He has become disabled and can’t bend over to reach the ground or lean forward from a sitting position, but he loves to garden as it reminds him of childhood with his great-grandmother.

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