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PVC is one of those inexpensive construction materials that is easy to cut, paint, drill, glue and create with. From Beth at ‘Home Stories A to Z’, this DIY PVC shoe organizer is so cool because she painted it to look like logs! HGTV created this PVC wine glass holder by cutting a channel in the pipe, then hanging it upside down.
Hi Carol, I don’t think any of these projects would be subjected to high heat, but everyone has the right to put what they feel is safe for their family in their home!
I am sorry, but I would be willing to bet, at least 9 out of 10 places your kids drink water from, has PVC pipes.
PVC (the white plastic pipes) on the other hand is very common as fresh water supply piping, for potable water, swimming pools, aquariums etc, as well as for drainage. It seems the main health concern would be from off-gassing of the phthalate plasticizers added to the PVC to make it softer & more flexible. The amount of off-gassing from any of these projects, especially the hair dryer holder, would be negligible, especially compared to a vinyl floor, or particle-board cabinets. I found an inexpensive pvc stain on eBay that actually is absorbed into the surface of the pvc, making it much more durable.
She’s among the super creative bloggers we asked to take part in our Outdoor Games Style Challenge here on The Home Depot Blog.

Michelle serves up three PVC projects, all with outdoor fun on a hot day in mind, including a fun take on volleyball using water as the net and an awesome PVC water balloon catapult.
But with the scorching temperatures it’s not always feasible to stay outside for too long without getting overheated.
I have three PVC projects to KEEP the KIDS KOOL that you’ll definitely want to complete. In fact, if you take your supply list to The Home Depot, they’ll cut each pipe down to your specific measurements! Take a look at how much you can do with a couple of wreaths and a well appointed beverage table to create a cheery atmosphere for holiday entertaining.
Check out these clever ideas for making the most of your front door decorations this Christmas-- including how to "float" a wreath on the front door. Check out these easy ways to make your fireplace mantel look festive for the holiday season. From Martha, this PVC modern wine rack is an easy afternoon project, and can fit into an existing cabinet. Brought to us by Apartment Therapy, the original instructions are in ReadyMade Magazine, which no longer exists… Would love to see a DIY’er try their hand at this project! But, in rigid fresh water supply PVC the concentrations of these are low, and many companies are making them without phthalates.

The major spray paint manufacturers such as Rustoleum make a line of paints specifically for plastics which don’t need a primer and bond extremely well to the plastic, although the colour selection is not fantastic.
There’s no denying the importance of durable, inexpensive material for modern plumbing. You can really tell when the water touches it, plus it’s a little easier for little ones. Of course, PVC pipe and cement are available at The Home Depot in the Plumbling Department. I personally avoid PVC in my home, I don’t go in the Spirit Halloween store (PVC smells terrible so it is very obvious if you walk into a room or store with a lot of PVC in it), and I do not purchase products with PVC in them. Then, since we got so jazzed about the idea of using PVC, we found some more DIY PVC projects for all around the home!

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