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Foam frame protection: The clamp (T fitting) should be lined with rubber pipe insulation or similar pliable foam for protecting the bike frame and securing the clamp grip. I had made a PVC stand about 4 years ago and it was not much better than leaning the bike up against a wall so I really wanted to make something worth using.Another consideration was that I do all my projects in a storage shed (or outside it) and I wanted to be able to collapse the stand down to store flat. The project cost about $50 (using all new materials) so it's not as cheap as some of the PVC or hook type DIY stands, but its as sturdy as some of the $100+ stands out there.
In step 2, once I got the rough fit, I've found it easier to wrap some course emery cloth around a piece of the pipe I am going to use and use it to sand and shape the final stages.for a smooth tight fit. After the last cemented piece has cured for at least 8 hours, try placing your bike on the stand. Of course, with a little playground sand poured into the base you can correct the tippiness with ease.
I had problems with stability because the derailleur cable routing goes under my bottom bracket, and the plastic guide is attached with a hex head metal screw. I don't really know how strong PVC pipes are, but i am really afraid the structure will give way once i load it up. My bike weighs about 35 lbs (about 16 kg) plus I've had an under-seat bag with about 1 kg of tools mounted on it. One concern for us apartment-dwellers is always space, especially when you've got a bike as a third roommate.
Use a bungee cord connected to either wheel and the PVC base support (directly under the wheel). So I'm thinking that this post-mounted repair stand (it is an old link, no more detailed pictures, sorry) might be just the thing for me.

This fine looking pipe based bike repair stand uses simple and easily obtainable raw materials.
This is a really simple design for another bench mounted bike repair stand, and might be just the thing if you've got a workbench.
Slava Voynov deportation leaves hole on Los Angeles Kings' bluelineVoynov has declared his intent to return to Russia and there is little reason to think the United States will deny his request given it eliminates the need to deport him. I put a set screw on the square tubing using a weldable nut so that I could secure the bike at various angles. I found it useful to use a nut and bolt to secure the PVC half to the 4 way connection since I have a really heavy bike. Start with something rough, like 80 grit wet-dry (wet it to ease the process), to really remove material, and switch to finer grades to refine edge.
I'd like a stand so I can ride my bike indoors for physical therapy (I have a bad knee).
I second the idea of using velcro straps to lash the bike to the stand to keep it nice and secure when wrenching on the bike.
Remove the front wheel and insert into the quick release like some on-top-of-the-car bike carriers. This heavy duty bike repair stand is nothing to sneeze at, but if you've got the gear and the welding chops then get after it. The clamp looks a little overbuilt, though I bet you could use one of the PVC clamps from above without much ill effect. The floor flange is welded to the bottom of the stand and the black pipe threads into the flange.

A plausible progression might be 80, 160, 320, and if you're really serious about a smooth edge before cementing, 600 grit. Also for indoor riding, you might want to put a piece of inner tube or something on riser so that the bike frame wouldn't sit on the wood.
The full weight of the bike is bearing down on the two half-pipes, it won't fall off even with some substantial cranking.
This one uses a bit of plumbing polyurethane in place of the foam pipe insulation of the previous builds. The base of the stand uses the same metal flange as used on the first repair stand in this post. This repair stand reminds me of the old hack for using your hitch mounted bike rack on your car as a makeshift repair stand. This design is a freestanding wooden bike repair stand that ends up looking a bit like a miniature gallows.
Be sure and read through the comments before beginning this build, since you may require a repair stand with a bit more stability. If you've got to buy the wood, then you can probably count on not really saving any money over a cheap stand.

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