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This gives carvers the peace of mind of knowing that the tools they are using are always in the best condition possible. Power Wood Carving Tools Arbortech TurboPlane is a wood carvers free-style power carving kit is extremely fast and safe to use.
Arbortech TURBOPlane™ is one of the most efficient freehand wood shaping and planing blades within the wood working industry.

The blade is fitted with 3 large Tungsten Carbide teeth which provide a long blade life and the ability to handle all hard or soft woods.
The ArbortechTURBOPlane™ is a universal wood carving blade that can be used in a number of ways to create different profiles and finishes. This blade is machined from solid steel as a result, provides excellent balance and control for the user leaving a fine wood finish, needing minimal sanding.

The blade employs a shallow but wide cut surface area, at high RPM’s (up to 12000 rpm) to provide smooth operation and ease of use in creating both flat and curved faces on wood carvings.

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