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The Popular Woodworking November 2010 issue’s cover project is a hanging corner cupboard by Mark Arnold. Each issue of Popular Woodworking magazine will provide you with many new ideas for your next project. Popular Woodworking magazine also provides you with an extensive tool section in each edition.
We're looking for people who share our passion, who want to learn and contribute to a growing, thriving woodworking community.

It’s popular because it’s just as easy to apply as oil finishes but much more moisture, scratch, heat and solvent resistant.
If you’re a woodworker who finds joy and inspiration in learning and sharing tips, techniques and woodworking expertise, then join us! Each issue of Popular Woodworking magazine also provides you with help safety information about using table saws so that you can always be safe while completing your items. In a new column that reveals the basics for good woodworking, Woodworking Essentials, Robert W.

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