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You will have problems if you lay your flooring directly on concrete…the plywood will deteriorate.
After you have this wooden false floor in place on top of the concrete, you can nail on your plywood planks. We whitewashed the flooring then went over it with the floor sander before applying 5 coats of satin finish water based urethane.

If you don’t want the expense of two layers of plywood, you can stain or paint and finish the plywood subfloor sheets, but of course you will not have the look of planks.
The added bonus of framing and installing a plywood subfloor is the room will stay warmer and the floor will be softer and more forgiving underoot than if you had laid it directly on the concrete.
I get compliments on the maple plywood whenever someone sees them in my home for the first time.

Supposedly, plywood doesn’t shrink and expand like wood, but we still let it acclimate to be on the safe side.

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