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With the launch of their new Oxy Planter Box, CSM Furniture Solutions has delivered a seamless integration of plant features into the modern workplace.
A multifunctional object, the Oxy Planter box can also be used as a seat in your reception and breakout areas, or integrated into your existing CSM cabinetry. CSM’s design is paramount to producing significant impacts on the health, wellbeing and performance of the people within its space. Storytelling through designThe Milker Stool by designer David Walley is a celebration of tradition, simplicity and provenance.

Supporting green star initiatives, CSM have created a product that is both functional in its storage solution, and innovative in its design and belief. Available in a wide variety of sizes and colour, these planter boxes are an easy solution to your design and storage needs. Offering a fresh style to any office, these versatile planter boxes are the silent winners of the new work place model. But perhaps more important is the positive impact these Oxy Planter Boxes will have on your workplace.

Note the balcony's planter boxThis balcony even has a sign that tells you that the balcony's wooden slats have to be approved by the condo management.

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