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Here are some pictures of a rather large Victorian style dollhouse that I built over the winter months. 0712400 priggish Dollhouse Miniatures Victorian theatre Size Victorian Barbie House bird Victorian dollhouse plans House Plans Dollhouse Plans Barbie Dollhouse corrupt Plans Barbie Size.
Strait-laced Cottage Jr is a five way house which is cute and amp Wallpaper dollhouse wallpaper is usable through stores. A large attic, spiral staircase, quaint balconies and two even sets of French doors have made the dollhouse a unique playing toy for kids.
At some point in every little girl’s life, she dreams of having a big, beautiful dollhouse. After mentioning the Plan Toys Victorian Dollhouse and the Plan Toys Green Dollhouse with Furniture (see 25 Eco-Friendly Gifts for Kids: Part 1), I had to include eco-friendly dolls to go in the dollhouse! All of Plan Toy’s dolls are made from all natural, organic recycled rubber wood and the biodegradable clothing is scaled to fit the dolls. Want to see other eco-friendly toys, check back with us tomorrow for part 4 of our 25 eco-friendly gifts for kids list!
I think I love Puffy Dragon!!!  Seriously, my 4 year love love loves the song Puff the Magic Dragon and my youngest would be able to play with this ksoon after Christmas!  Thanks! November 16, 2011 By Jennifer Leave a Comment PlanToys is an entirely eco-friendly and ethical company who offers some amazing green dollhouses.
If your child wants a dollhouse this holiday season (or anytime) PlanToys is one of the best places to start your search.
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Five very dissimilar dolls houses from a Victorian tell on to ampere Fisherman’s Cottage. Let’s face it, many mothers dream of their daughters having an elegant, large Victorian doll house.
When I first found the dollhouse, I thought it was going to be an eco-friendly toy that was too pricy to put on the 25 Eco-Friendly Gifts for Kids list. Many of the dolls sold today are made from plastics and designed to be thrown away after a year. All of PlanToys dollhouses, from very affordable, to more expensive sets are made without heavy metals or lead, with natural rubberwood from rubber trees which no longer produce latex. Not only is this company hyper green, but they offer dollhouses in seriously every price range, so any family can afford one. The dollhouse’s energy efficient design includes a wind turbine, a solar cell panel and electric inverter for generating electricity, a rain barrel for collecting rain, a biofacade, which uses the natural cycle of plant growth to provide shading, and a blind that can adjust the amount of sunlight and air circulation. This dollhouse hold tierce floors including an noggin apiece floor is accessible with panels and realistic sashes Victorian barbie dollhouse plans that slideway open and Many of these plans for doll houses are easy to instructions for. The problem with most of these dollhouses, however, is that they are beyond most families’ acceptable price range.
These soft, washable stuffed animals are designed to be chewed on, washed, and gripped, making them perfect for little ones. SumoMeThe grand structure of the Guidecraft Victorian Dollhouse is filled with a lot of possibilities to stimulate the imagination of your children. Unlike most toys sold today, many of the toys on our list are made from fast-growing woods, recycled plastics, or biodegradable fabrics.

There are plastic Barbie houses much pricier than this all-wood house that wouldn’t last as long! While you make think the noise from a toy like this would drive you crazy, let me add that many studies say that children who play instruments outperform their peers in school. While I wouldn’t recommend giving the tote to a small child, it is perfect for older kids to bring with them on shopping trips, especially with their veggie friends!
Zero fertilizer is added to the rubberwood soil and PlanToys uses a special chemical-free kiln drying process.
Like all Plan Toys, crafted from recycled, natural rubber wood, dyed with vegetable and soy dyes, and assembled with an earth-friendly process.
For colored products, a water-based, non-toxic finish is used and toys are assembled with certified E-Zero,  non-formaldehyde glue in place of traditional toxic wood glue. While there will be 25 toys at the completion of our series, we hope to be adding new toys to the Eco-Friendly Gifts for Kids list based on your suggestions! Built to last, the Plan Toys Musical Band is made from 100% recycled rubber wood and the drum heads have a layer of durable latex to protect the drum and help children make some noise!
These dolls have yarn-like hair and features that are cute for older girls.  If you have younger children, however, you may want to go with the Plan Toy City Casual Family of Four. With two front panels that swing open and actual sliding windows, it isn’t too surprising that this giant doll house was the winner of Silver Award for Practical Preschool Toys in the UK and the 2006 Silver Good Toy Award in the UK.

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