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A heated disc warmer under the straw will help them build heat on those really cold nights. Our MissionTo create unique, not-for-profit EDUCATIONAL, MARKETING, COMMUNICATIONS and FUNDRAISING programs that support DIRECT INTERVENTIONS to rescue cats and dogs from neglect and abandonment. Providing shelter is a great way to keep cats safe from the elements and can help you monitor their ongoing well-being. Advantages: Sturdy design, provides protection from predators, large A-fram roof allows for heat lamp.
Once the holes were cut and *relatively* aligned, we placed layers on insulation between the containers.
We have bought them time after time to place in acclimation cages and the cats fall in love with them and live in them long afterwards.
Milo is a very fussy cat who hates to get into any containers (especially the cat carrier which means we’re going to the vet!), so he was hesitant about entering this new cat shelter for about a day. My feral cat, Milo, an orange tabby, is an old geriatric at 12 years old, and we had to ditch his comfy but dirty old stuffed chair last year. I’d say that the setup cost me about $17, since I already had some supplies around the house.
Fine Woodworking, and Threads magazines furniture and Wood Products Design Competition plans for. Sign up for our mailing list and learn how you can help us win the battle against unnecessary killing of cats.

Possible Drawbacks: Requires larger space, availability of a shed, and moderate skill to install a cat door.
Obviously, don’t place the house where a dog can get to it, or where your indoor cats can see it, if your cats are threatened by strange cats in their territory. I also added a heating pad for those days when the temperatures reach below zero around here.
In this case the cage was to hold two feral kittens for 8 weeks or more in the winter time and we wanted to give the cats more room to play. Similar situation when you dress in layers – you create pockets of trapped air that are filled with your body heat.
Place a strip of insulation on the top of the inner container, and place the lid for container No. Advantages: Accomodates more than one cat, inexpensive and easy to construct, provides privacy for cats and aesthetic consideration for neighbors.
The picnic cooler house is also pretty easy and used coolers can often be found at thrift stores and garage sales.
Not all design plans are complete—the site is a work in progress—so check back for updates. I read one tip (after the fact, ugh) that suggested heating the plastic buckets with a hairdryer to soften the plastic, and thus make the cutting of the holes easier.
The insulated storage bin house is lined with foam core insulation that’s moisture resistant and has a foil covered side to reflect body heat back towards the cat.

Having a few (4) of her abandoned kitties plus 3 more inside keeps us in cats, as the indoor ones NEVER go out. The shelter staff found it at their front door; it is currently occupied by the resident outdoor cat, a calico who prefers to live outdoors.
The foam core insulation house is made by bolting together the rigid foam insulation using large washers. I have a set up now that allows me to sleep well on a cold wintery night, knowing that I have heated pads and a heated cat house plus straw, I don’t use blankets because they get wet and stay frozen and then the cats get stuck to them, no,straw is the very best because it also retains the heat around the cat, the cat is able to burrow into the straw, and it drys with the warmth of the cat therefore warming the cat. God Bless those of you who do ‘ go the extra mile’ for our un- loved and un-wanted cats and kittens! The Ian Somerhalder Foundation (yes, that Ian Somerhalder) has a design for an insulated 2 bin house.
The most difficult part of the construction is cutting the plastic holes, a task we found arduous.
I love this idea we have feral cats which we have fixed and we have made several bins with warm fuzzy blankets and thick blankets that we drape over the bins works great.

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