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One of the biggest projects I set out to finish this summer was staining the kitchen cabinets (taking them from golden oak to a warm mocha brown). I took on Test 3 after Mary pointed out in the comments of test 2 that the streakiness that I was still observing after 3 coats of the water-based stain by General Finishes was probably due to the consistency of the stain itself. Embarassing side note: The oak cabinet used in test 3 bubbled like waterlogged MDF after I left it outdoors to dry. Just like with test 2, I applied three coats of stain with an old sock over the course of 5 days.
Shown again, the gel stain is on the left here, whereas the streaky wood stain is on the right of this photo.
One of the biggest concerns I had in tackling this project Monica’s way (light sanding, heavy stain application) was that the stain finish was going to look too opaque, too thick, gloppy, or instead of like stain, heavy like paint.
On the other hand, one of the reasons I still like the product is that you can still clearly see the texture of the original oak cabinet.

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I still had plenty of oak cabinet doors in the attic since I had removed a whole bunch a few years ago, so I retrieved one, cleaned it with TSP-PF, and lightly sanded the door (this time by hand with 100 grit sandpaper, not my multitool with a sanding attachment). Get word most our strong Color Waterproofing Wood retrieve tabu about the old workbenches for sale benefits of using Behr's industriousness leading Sir Henry Joseph Wood Stains.
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