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We'd love to hear more about this as well - if you have any info on using tung oil on wood floors please let us know in the comments below - thanks!
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Find another awesome collection of Synthetic Wood Flooring ArchitectureDream Picture, Image and Wallpaper. Disclaimer: All images or designs of How To Finish A Floor With Pure Tung Oil in this page are copyright of their respective owners. Our Hard Wax Oil is a great natural alternative to finishing your wood floors or furniture with polyurethane. Coverage will vary based on the absorbency of the wood (for example, porous woods such as pine will require significantly more Hard Wax Oil than a hard cherry wood).

Any one of the various colors available within the eight different styles is sufficient to demonstrate the aesthetic ingenuity of a DuChateau floor, yet the recent Riverstone Collection is front and center in my purview.
The Hard Wax Oil finish provides a natural, breathable silky-matte finish that penetrates deep into the pores of your floor to enhance the wood’s natural beauty. Finally if you want to get new and the latest Types of flooring related with How To Finish A Floor With Pure Tung Oil, please follow us on Facebook or bookmark this site, we try our best to give you daily update with fresh and new Types of flooring. There might also some information about The Flooring Factory Outlet Custom Design idea for you special Types of flooring.
Linseed oil, carnauba wax, tung oil, linseed oil -stand oil, tung oil - stand oil, colophonium glycerine ester, lead-free drying agents.
Hard Wax Oil produces a satin finish that is durable, low in odor and can be easily spot repaired.
Ensure that Hard Wax Oil does not come into contact with porous or absorbent insulation materials, and never pour Hard Wax Oil onto a floor because there is a risk that it could seep into insulation material and self ignite.

Unearthed Hard Wax Oil is produced from natural raw materials, and is non-toxic and VOC-free, contributing to a healthy living environment.
Linseed oil ensures a deep penetration of even the smallest wood pores thanks to a small molecule size and a long processing time. For waterborne finishes if you are used to rolling, you might need to use a different applicator to get an even finish application.One good choice for these floors is tung oil.
I'll be writing more about tung oil in my next post.Feel free to ask me any questions or suggest any of your favorite techniques.

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