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Go ahead and make the switch to non toxic wood floor varnish and wax and discover what true peace of mind feels like! Paints & CoatingsOur coatings contain no toxic ingredients, produce no indoor or outdoor air pollution and perform as well or better than their toxic counterparts. Our interior and exterior paints are non-toxic, zero VOC, highly-scrubbable and available in more than a thousand colors. Our specialized, non-toxic sealers prevent hazardous off-gassing, improving indoor air quality. Our thinners and strippers are bio-based, non-toxic, low-odor, and made for paint, polyurethane, mastic and most sealers. Our wide range of caulks, sealants and adhesives are non-toxic, low VOC, and can be used for interior and exterior projects alike.

Above: Boddeker suggested using a Timber Pro Coatings stain following application of the Internal Wood Stabilizer if you want a colored finish. We were reminded that naturally water-resistant wood like redwood or cedar may not need to be treated at all, though these wood species still will benefit from added protection. I spoke with co-owner Nina Boddeker, who suggested using a nontoxic product intended to make wood more water resistant: Internal Wood Stabilizer from the Portland, Oregon company Timber Pro Coating. Entirely nontoxic and manufactured in Canada, LifeTime requires one application and no maintenance.
The stains are low-VOC, non-flammable, and are made from plant-based oils mixed with a small amount of acrylic for increased durability.
Boddeker reports that the Belgian product is true to its name—it really requires only one coat in all applications, and it has a beautiful matte finish.

But we love color, and we love the idea of protecting the wood in your garden beds so it lasts as long as possible. Second, we learned that the quality of wood treatment products varies widely; we use only stains and treatments vetted by people we trust. The stabilizer is a clear liquid that penetrates deep into wood and hardens, but is invisible from the surface. LifeTime isn't ideal for adding color, however: on initial application, wood will become gray-brown depending on type and character, and over time, treated wood will take on the silvery appearance of untreated aged wood.

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