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Santos rosewood is yellowish-pink with irregular red streaks, delicate porous texture and produces a very decorative veneer. Santos rosewood veneer is often used for luxury articles, for building pianos and exquisite furniture. Santos rosewood veneer is often used for luxury articles, for building pianos and exquisite furniture, also is known as high-end interior decoration, etc.
Natural mindy veneer is a product applied to the surface of the furniture to give it the appearance of being made of solid mindy lumber.
Our main species are: makassar ebony veneer, amara ebony veneer, rubberwood veneer finger joint, teak veneer, walnut veneer, cherry veneer, white oak veneer, red oak veneer, sapeli veneer, knotty pine veneer, chinese ash veneer, birch veneer, chinese walnut veneer, basswood veneer, pine veneer, larch veneer, golden birch veneer, rotary okoume veneer, rotary sapele veneer, rotary radiata pine veneer, rotary birch veneer,etc. Veneer offers a unique opportunity to work with some of the most beautiful and exotic woods in the world.

China Good Quality Ash Wood Veneer, Walnut Wood Veneer and Oak Veneer Sheets International Trade Site.
Vicwin’s success has grown from it’s ability to produce high quality veneer at preferential prices with outstanding customer service.
For architects and designers specifying Natural Two Tone Walnut Veneer, please reference product number DSV-4449, or order below. Two Toned Walnut Flat Cut Wood Veneer has a very nice look that can make the piece you are working on stand out.
We specialize in many kinds of natural wood veneer, including Sliced Veneer, Rotary Cut Veneer, Bamboo Veneer, Floor Veneer, Veneer Edge Banding, Spliced Veneer and Profile Wrapping Veneer.
American Walnut Veneer has been a standard in furniture and panel manufacturing as well as the standard for gun stocks for many years.

Since Vicwin was established in 2001 it has achieved a rapid success and has exported veneer to over 40 countries globally. Mindy veneer, originated from south of China and Burma, is a hardwood veneer mainly used for furniture surface making and interior decoration and floor surface making.

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