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In 10 Cool Murphy Beds for Decorating Smaller Rooms we set out to highlight different models that may work in your particular space. Challenges in space decorating can start with a spare bedroom, a college dormitory, or even a first apartment. Tama is a great example of a Murphy bed as it combines function and fashion into one package. Combining seating with bedding may prove more useful than a desk-bed combination depending on how your time is spent each day. The concealed twin bed is at the bottom of the shelf and appears quite natural upon first glance.

This Murphy bed would be great in a one room floor plan where there is less structure and perhaps the living room, kitchen, and bedroom are altogether. I really like this bed for a student since the desk is a nice size allowing for students to spread out assignments and have enough work space.
The mobility of Isola would come in handy for students that need to put-away their bed when not sleeping and perhaps even roll it to a specific area. I like hidden beds such as these since their purpose is to make guests not see the bed at all. Hide” is a sofa bunk bed that folds out into several sleep areas that can accommodate three people.

Of course, this is very cozy for a family to be so close together and hopefully a feud would not erupt!
The challenge with a tall piece like this may be in finding a closet in your home to store the bed.

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