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For too long, I would set my miter saw on the floor, find some scrap pieces to hold up the ends of the board, and then crawl around on the floor to make my cuts. Once they’re locked in place, I use a straightedge to align the fence on my miter saw to the fences on the platforms. Check out his article here to see how to build your own Ultimate Miter Saw Work Station, and when you’re done with that, take a look at the whole August issue of Wood News Online for a fun read!
I’d love to have the PDF and see if I can find some space to my setup to add a workstation like this.
I liked the looks of the miter saw mobile work station when I saw it in the print issue and would appreciate your sending the cut list via email. Miter Saw Station, would appreciate you sending me the cut list via email I will look at the june issue.

Pete, it’s hard to say without measuring the saw and how much space it takes up swinging left and right.
I have been looking to upgrade my portable miter station and this one looks like it will work great. I love the Ultimate Mitersaw Workstation, If at all possible I would Like the material and cut list for this project.
I have been looking for the ideal miter saw station for quite awhile and I think this is it. It seems to be resonating well with many who are looking for a better place to put their miter saws.
This is one of the best miter saw stations I’ve ever seen, and looks quite amenable to customization.

My 12″ SCM saw fits nicely on the stand but, like you said I have to keep it pulled out from the wall a little. But, you could always change the size of the sliding carrier the saw sits on as well as the side support tables to accommodate it.

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