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We did replace our used German made egdebander with the Hebrock by MARTIN F2 edgebander to get the possibility of premilling.
I also purchased a tilting arbor MARTIN T27 Flex shaper, T45 thickness planer, T54 jointer and the T75 Prex dual-tilting sliding table saw.
It is a beautiful day in middle on February 2015 in CA and today my BARTH by MARTIN VMP3513 membrane press did arrive..
After detailed research we came to the conclusion that the HEBROCK AKV3006 DK-F, sold by MARTIN is the right machine for our application.
I also purchased the BARTH VakuuCar+ available from MARTIN.  This mobile workbench has a swinging frame which allows me to work by myself when moving large panels. Watch our showreel the world MARTIN has had a major influence on the production conditions in the woodworking industry.
MARTIN combines high-quality manufacturing, materials and user-friendly operating concepts with cutting-edge performance, maximum precision and long life. A “MARTIN“ justifiably earns the label “Made in Germany.“ Customers know that MARTIN only uses high-quality material and components that are produced on the premises in Ottobeuren, Germany. The company’s success story is also the success story of the Martin family that still to this day own the Otto Martin Maschinenbau GmbH und Co. The MARTIN apprentice workshop that was founded in the 1970’s is a clear indication for the company’s recognition of social responsibility.

All of the MARTIN sliding table saws and shapers are equipped with a modern touch screen controller. All the key components of the MARTIN machines are designed just the way you expect a MARTIN should be.
MARTIN stands for German precision, maximum longevity and unique options for today’s woodworker. These machines are heavy duty and carry with them a great resale value…something that you do not see much anymore with industrial woodworking machinery. After I had so much good experience with this solid and very accurate sliding table saw I bought my MARTIN T45 thickness planer with the “Shelix” spiral cutter head. What Otto Martin started in 1922 with solid and basic machinery has become the present day industry standard for quality and functionality in the woodworking machinery sector. Thanks to the solid professional training of young people in a whole range of technical and administrative professions and external training programs for every employee, MARTIN can rely on 145 highly motivated and excellently educated staff.
We are also prepared for the new challenges of today’s market and look forward to reaching the goal of the 100 year anniversary of MARTIN. Offering a complete product line from cabinetry to solid wood countertops to large windows and doors the MARTIN machinery lets me offer our clients what they want. We have earned a reputation of producing the finest and most advanced woodworking machinery in the world and are the only woodworking machinery manufacturer that engineers, designs and produces 90 percent of each machine in house.

Since the company’s foundation 90 years ago, the Martin family has directly shaped the future of the MARTIN company. The intelligent architecture of the MARTIN controller helps to keep the machine up-to-date over the long term.. MARTIN will always stand for the highest quality, future oriented machine design and first-class customer service. Whether in small workshops or industrial manufacturing facilities all around the world, MARTIN has had a major influence on the production conditions in the woodworking industry. The high-quality and robust costruction combined with modern controller technology make every MARTIN the ideal machine for those who demand long lasting precision and a high degree of reliability even under the most demanding circumstances. I’m glad its on wheels as the size is about the equivalent of the Martin table saw.  I’ll be moving it around the shop depending upon what machine I am using and need the space.

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