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Please check the"Sticky" thread in the Production Knives forum and make sure your name is there and the knife quantity you have requested is correct..
Once I'd hacksawed the outline roughly and then smoothed down to the scribe lines with the belt sander I put 3x 6mm holes through the tang for the brass pins and started to think about the wood for the handle. Inspired by what I read and saw on BritishBlades I decided to have a go at making a fixed blade knife from scratch with only some basic tools. To save huge amounts of dust a coping saw was used to take most of the wood away, all except 1mm-2mm I guess.

I used a hacksaw to get the basic shape before offering the blank up to the belt for the first time to smooth the profile down to the scribe marks.
As this was my first knife handle I was a little unsure how to proceed once I'd profiled from side-to-side. Good work so far, have you got any ideas for handle materials, I know somebody trying to get rid of some stuff!!!! In the next step I'll finish the handle shaping, making the usual beginners mistake of leaving too much wood, and start the dreaded blade grinding before moving onto the best bit, the heat-treating!
The scales were drilled through with a 6mm bit in a pillar drill using the knife blank as a template.

I'd done enough metal work getting the outline right and fancied a switch to woodwork for a change and to make some progress on the handle. The 6mm brass rod from B&Q was an excellent interference fit through the knife and scales which was extremely useful during the next stage of shaping the wood to fit.

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