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I solved gihall3278786,s problem by cutting a slot down the the center of the feather then moving the hold down over the slot. Build a system to hold your stock securely in place (for any application in your shop), or use it to secure your router fence.
To view this product go to: Low profile and double sided, this is the most versatile featherboard from Magswitch. Each finger of the True-Flex featherboard is designed to provide consistent and optimum pressure, and to provide years of use.

Magnetic featherboards offer all the benefits of traditional featherboards with one major advantage - they can be placed anywhere on a steel table or fence surface.
The video focuses on featherboards and push sticks, and the article covers a broader selection of safety issues.
The unique design of this featherboard makes it easier than ever to adjust pressure without moving the featherboard. Magswitch's Professional Table Featherboard can be used virtually anywhere on your table saw or shaper table, completely independent of the mitre slot.

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