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Then I stacked 2 crates, attached them with the weathered brackets on front and back, and screwed the wheels onto the bottom. A popular natural wood stain can be produced by soaking walnut husks in water for a week to yield a rich, dark stain. Above: Matt created natural wood stains by soaking pieces of scrap metal (from pennies to rusty nails) in jars filled with vinegar.
I used this to stain the crates and to weather the new metal brackets I used to attach the crates together. Commercial stains are readily available in every color under the sun, but concerns over the use of synthetic chemicals and pesticides and the hazards of working with toxic fumes may leave some hesitant to tackle projects like staining wood furniture at home. Using fruits, vegetables, plants or minerals, you get an endless range of colors with homemade stains without worrying about exposure to unsafe fumes. Be sure to place some scrap wood underneath while you drill, to avoid putting holes into your work surface!
The vinegar and metal chemically react to create a beautiful, natural wood stain that can be brushed on.
I just paint on the stain and for the metal, I let the brackets and screws soak in the mixture for at least 24 hours. In some cases, especially when using plant matter for the stain, wood may not readily accept color and it may take longer to reach desired shades.
A tablespoon of turmeric added to 2 cups of water resulted in a cheerful yellow stain with only one coat.

Now, I want to remodel my house to not only be organic, but to incorporate as much green technology as possible. Staining is a commonly employed method of coloring wood, used to customize the look of DIY wood projects or to bring new life to weathered furniture.
I know it has been a few years, but I really like the stains you did and would like to replicate the penny stain. It is so easy and since I am not too picky about the color of stain this is always perfect for me.
Just a few eco-friendly DIY tips and tricks along with a handful of small, inexpensive changes to your home can cut your electric bill and help you reduce your waste output by eliminating disposable products. I am always looking for new, easy, and inexpensive organizing solutions so please share anything exciting you use in your home!
Check out these 12 tips and suggestions for a greener, safer home including vinegar wood stains, natural home scents, non-toxic cleaners and reusable dryer balls. Check out Matt’s full tutorial (and tips for making your own natural wood stains) after the jump!
Adding color to wood using natural elements has been a popular practice for thousands of years, long before synthetic stains were available at your local hardware store. I have seen and used the vinegar and steel recipe to age my wood, but would like it darker.
After four days in the brine, a kitchen steel wool pad broke down almost completely and resulted in a nearly clear stain that blossomed into rich brown tones when applied to the wood. Chemical reactions between the acidic vinegar and the metal in objects like rusted nails, steel wool and pennies create different colored wood stains.

Reloved Rubbish used steel wool to create the subtle dark stain seen above; get more recipes at Money Pit. Working with natural wood stains, satisfying results can be more challenging when compared to commercially available products.
As natural wood stains, a cup of strongly brewed coffee or tea produces beautiful mellow tones that deepen with multiple coats.
After researching tons of organic wood finishes, I've decided on a brand, now i just need to learn how to refinish my dining room table myself!
Trying my hand at a variety of natural wood stains, all produced with materials already at hand, I cut a single plank of pine, applied my homemade stains and compared the results, which you can see above.
Walnuts are out of season just now, but I hit the spice rack to produce an incredibly rich stain from the other end of the spectrum.
I stained using juice from beets, turnip greens, blueberries and carrots to varying satisfaction. Soaking rusty nails, pennies or steel wool in white vinegar will imbue the vinegar with metallic properties to produce an extremely effective stain.

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