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Why we love it: This hotel-worthy headboard is simple and elegant -- minus the hefty price tag!
So if you don't have a saw or anything to cut a nice headboard out of wood, here's what you can do. Once you have a big piece of cardboard, you can start drawing out the shape of headboard you want.
If I wanted this headboard to be more permanent, I would have glued the fabric, but I'll want to use this fabric again someday in another project when I have an actual headboard from a furniture store. When you're taping down the fabric onto the cardboard, I definitely recommend covering the front with little tape loops and then flipping the headboard over and completely taping every edge of fabric onto the back of the headboard so everything is taut and slick-looking. To hang the headboard behind the bed, I played with a lot of ideas but I ended up just hammering two tacks into the fabric and cardboard into the wall. Another fun dramatic thing you can do with material that colours space without paint is to make yourself a canopy. When you start taping around the curved parts of the headboard, you can make little snips into the fabric to get it to curve around the headboard. Then just poke holes where you want to sew some buttons through the fabric, batting, and cardboard!
It depends whether the tropical look makes you think of steamy nights and exotic locations, or whether it makes you think of malaria mosquitoes.

So I've been in New York for about three weeks now and I am slowly working on project after project to make the apartment feel decorated and appear furnished by an adult.
When you have a big piece of cardboard, the first thing you need to do is cut it to the width of your bed. One thing that I found really helpful when I was drawing out the pattern for the headboard was to make a pattern from one side of the headboard and then flipping it to the other side of the cardboard so that everything is even.
I haven't done it but you could get some quilt batting from amazon and put it on top of the cardboard before you cover it with fabric!
Get some cloth you like (if you go to little india, there are some redonkulously cheap saris that would go gorge with that headboard) and then all you need are staples and thread.
Add legs to the headboard, making sure they are equally distributed on the bottom portion of the plywood. So because we don't really want to paint the walls due to the fact that we'll just have to paint them again, we've been trying to do alternative things to make our rooms feel less sterile and all white-like. After you've cut out your headboard, take your tape and start taping down the fabric onto the cardboard. To make it college dorm friendly, I used 3M command Velcro strips to hang up the headboard.Thanks for the tutorial, it worked so well for me! This headboard for my bedroom was definitely at the top of my list of things that make a place feel like a home.

It is easy to make friends with said construction workers if you wave at them each morning when you run. Add legs to the headboard, making sure they are equally distributed on the bottom portion of the plywood sheathing. Slightly less encompassing, but takes extra supplies: Do a similar shape as 1, except make it only over the bed.
Lay the headboard on the ground, and measure 3” down from the top edge of the headboard.
The cloth facing the head of the bed goes from the ceiling-point to a line halfway between headboard and ceiling. Optionally, add swagged material hanging crosswise to the bed from one staple-line to the other (or, if you have long enough material, just run each length from the floor by one side of the bed, straight up to the ceiling, loop across to the ceiling on the other side, and down to the floor on the other side of the bed).

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