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This is Kylak signing out and leaving you with this: Never underestimate a well thought out sideboard. There are plenty of artifacts like Pithing Needle that are generally useful and can be included in most sideboards.
So today we’re going to go over how to pick the best 15 cards possible for your sideboard.

Even though those two card types don’t come up in every match, having the option to take them out is incredibly useful and it helps that these cards will be in your sideboard rather than taking up space in your maindeck.
Adding Liquimetal Coating in your sideboard as well as Artifact destruction allows you to destroy any permanent type and suddenly Enchantments and Planeswalkers aren't that big of a deal anymore.
Sometimes it’s a good idea to keep incredibly situational cards in your sideboard as well.

You could be preventing fetchlands, Cultivates, Tutors, Trinket Mages, Quest for the Holy Relic, Dragonstorm, etc.

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