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Most people love to pick out colors, fabrics and finishes when remodeling, but I love the first step: space planning. Remember the orientation of furniture pieces in relation to each other, and the spacing between pieces to encourage social interaction. I have a passion for modern clean spaces and timeless vintage decor which makes for a unique eye. When done right, it can produce a finished room that feels larger and performs more efficiently. Make a list of the smaller, functional spaces you will need within the larger space, and then assign estimated square footage for each area.

Once you have determined the right size for each space, figure out which spaces need to be near each other — these are called adjacencies. For kitchens, bathrooms, bars and other rooms that need a water supply and drainage, you will want them as close as possible to existing plumbing and sewage lines to minimize costs. Bubble diagramming is a simple way to start space planning once you have figured out your adjacencies and size requirements. Draw various configurations of bubbles, with different sizes of bubbles representing rooms, zone sizes or furniture groupings.
For instance, the space between the kitchen counter and the dining room table should be at least 4 feet so that people can walk between the two and diners have room to pull out chairs.

Locations of doors and windows, electrical outlets, columns and partitions will all be major considerations as you think about your space plan.

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