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For transmitting considerable power between shafts at some distance apart, ropes are frequently used instead of belts. For a look at some of the engines that powered this old equipment, have a look in The GALLERY.
If this line is raised so that 0 is nearer B, the radii of all steps on both cones will be smaller; and conversely, if 0 is taken nearer A, all radii will be greater. The transmission of motion and power between shafts that are some distance apart may be effected by belts, ropes, or chains running over suitable pulleys.
Speed cones are used for varying the speed of a shaft or other rotating piece driven by a belt.

The other cone b may be laid off on the vertical line 0 Y as an axis by projecting vertically from the points P1, P2 P3, etc. Now through S and T draw lines parallel to A B, and through N1, where the line from T cuts the arc C D E, draw a vertical line cutting the line from S in P1; then through P1, draw the axis X X cutting A W in 0.
Belts form a convenient means of transmitting power, but owing to their tendency to stretch and slip on the pulleys, they are not suitable where an exact velocity ratio between the shafts is required. In order that the belt shall run equally tight in all positions or on all steps, the sum of the corresponding diameters D + d is the smallest when D - d has its greatest value, that is, when the diameters are most unequal, and is greatest when D = d, that is, when the diameters are equal. 3, suppose the belt to run on the pulleys shown by dotted lines, the sum of whose radii is equal to the sum of the radii of the pulleys a and b.

Join K and L to O, and let N1, and N2 represent the intersections of the lines, 0 K and 0 L with the arc C D E. Theref ore, with the belt in the position shown by the dotted lines, the sum s, the angle e, and the distance h are the same as for the position shown by full lines.

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