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Multiple computer desktop share, wooden trash cans plans,multiple monitor desktop computer. Our laser cutting machine can cut most of non metal materials, such as acrylic, wood, leather, plastic, paper, textile, card board,abs, mdf etc. MORN can offer various laser machine models, different size, different laser power and different price. There are a lot of solid brands and machines out there, but there is no one place where you can go and get some solid, gathered advice.

They have two larger models, the M700 and the M900 that do laser engraving with a C02 laser tube.Trotec has a solid range of C02 laser engraving cutting machine units. MORNTECH laser will recommend you the suitable machine size, suitable laser power according to your detailed works. Laser engraving machine has different costs, it is according to the machine working size and laser power. You need to decide what you will be doing more, marking, etching, engraving or cutting with your laser and go from there.

For a free open source vector based piece of software, try Inkscape.- You could go the used laser engraving machine route.

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