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The knives without separate handle can be used either naked or with a covering of bamboo or leather, as is the Japanese tradition. Thin wood carving knife made of two layers of steel, bevel on the right side, black, forged surface. The knives offered here have the mirror side slightly hollowed, which means that sharpening is much easier as there is no need to grind the whole surface flat. Perfect for whittling, carving, or simply for everyday tasks, the kiridashi is an ideal tool. To find out more about why Carter Cutlery makes the best knives in the world click here. Wood carving tool sets spare the beginning carver the problem of having to choose individual tools. Produced by Mora of Sweden, the Mora 58mm Wood Carving Knife has an exceptionally high quality high carbon steel blade.
The Mora 58mm Wood Carving Knife will take an excellent edge, especially when using Japanese Water Stones or a Diamond Whetstones. This great little wood carving knife is delivered in an extremely sharp condition and will keep that cutting edge for a very long time, yet it is extremely easy to maintain by stropping it on one of our exclusive Shark Designs Razor Strops.
It was especially designed by Mora for the professional wood carver and Bushcraft whittler, and is also ideal for all of those carving and whittling projects you may have in mind whilst at the workshop or out by a warm summer’s night campfire.

The ‘Welt' lies between the two sides of the sheath, where the cutting edge of the knife usually sits.
It does not rely on flimsy straps with button or studs that easily stretch, wear out or break, resulting in injury or consequential loss of the knife.
The Welt should protect the knife’s cutting edge whilst in the sheath, as well as protect the sheath from the knife’s cutting edge (i.e.
With all of these necessities in mind each of our high quality sheaths has been made with a sturdy thick, hardened, stiff leather ‘Welt’ that will protect both knife and sheath from each other as the Mora Woodcarving Knives is either unsheathed or sheathed. The Mora 58mm Wood Carving Knife is a small laminated steel blade that is 58mm long, which makes it a highly 'controllable' and perfect knife for carving fine detail as well as much heavier work.
To keep your Mora 58mm Wood Carving Knife razor sharp, have a look at our Lansky - Guided Sharpening System section. A ‘Friction-Fit’ sheath ensures that the wood carving knife is securely held in the sheath by virtue of the custom design and shape. Making a sheath with no Welt reduced the manufacturing costs and thereby increases profitability, but will unavoidably guide, by virtue of the shape of the sheath, the cutting edge of that knife towards the unprotected stitch-line when the knife is being sheathed, or unsheathed. If the knife cuts into, or through, the sheath wall or stitch-line, it will cause serious damage to the sheath, but more importantly could cause the blade to seriously injure whoever is holding or wearing the sheath at the time. After all, the purpose of a knife is to have, and keep, the very sharpest cutting edge that can be attained, which is not going to happen if it is constantly coming into contact with a metal rivet.

Mora - Woodcarving Knife Sheath, showing the Mora - 58mm Woodcarving Knife (106) in the sheath and next to it.
Frosts Knivfabrik was started more than 100 years ago by Erik Frost, an experienced knifesmith in the village of Ostnor outside of Mora, Sweden. To get around this major design flaw, many manufacturers, of cheaper sheaths, overcome the safety issue by simply riveting the sheath together at the key points where a knife may potentially cut through the leather or stitching. Mora - Woodcarving Knife Sheath, showing the Mora - 82mm Woodcarving Knife (120) in the sheath and next to it.
It makes a perfect camping and Bushcraft companion, and will enable you produce items from wood that you will both use and treasure for life. Whilst this may seem to solve the problems of cost and safety, it comes at the expense of your knife’s cutting edge. The Mora – Leather Woodcarving Knife Sheath (106 & 120) has been exclusively made by Shark Designs to custom fit the Mora Woodcarving Knife 106 and the Mora Woodcarving Knife 120, replacing the very basic plastic sheaths that are sold with these very good woodcarving tools.
Fourth generation knifesmiths carry on the traditions in a modern factory situated on the same site as the original from 1891.

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