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Woodworking and the art of inlay from Judy Gale Roberts and Jerry Booher including a variety of patterns and opportunity to receive Intarsia Times newsletter.. Intarsia patterns – woodworkersworkshop® online store, Free shipping on these products! Whether you are a complete beginner or more experienced at working with timber you will find many good ideas and original patterns.. The book is very well done and certainly entices me to get back down to my workshop when the heat breaks.
I found your step by step Instructions to be clear and concise covering everything from equipment needed to patterns of projects ranging from beginners to the more complex.

I do a lot of Intarsia projects and have purchased patterns from Kathy for a few years now. The Everything Woodworking Book is an essential guide for tapping into the exciting world of woodcraft. I am really looking forward to holding it in my hands and planning the first project!
Kathy's projects are truly beautiful and lifelike, and I hope to be able to advance quickly from beginner to be able to do the lion's head. Free download of detailed instructions and diagrams for simple woodworking project plans for beginners..

The patterns are fantastic, the workmanship in the book is exceptional and my expectations were exceeded in all avenues. I really like having the patterns available in a sleeve in the back of the book for the projects.

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