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After digging out the concrete around the old post, make sure the hole is the right depth and size for your new mailbox pole. And then, after all that work, realize that your new mailbox is not as deep as your old mailbox, and therefore you can’t use the old hole anyway. Wait a few hours until the concrete seems to have dried (we used quick-dry concrete, but make sure you read the instructions on your concrete).

It’s a pretty standard shape, typical of most freestanding mailboxes you would find in the suburbs. If you’re installing a mailbox for the first time, a good rule of thumb is to dig the hole about one foot deep but always measure the height to make sure it works for you (and your mail person!). Since our house is set back a bit and the mailbox is curbside, it’s the first thing you see, so we wanted the new mailbox to make a pretty awesome first impression.

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