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So, in honor of this, a Taunton books editor helped compile a list of great books (and DVDs) for getting started in woodworking.
More on this topic: Just found this archive Knots discussion on beginner woodworking books and classes. Woodworking Basics by Peter Korn (Center for Furniture Craftsmanship) is a great resource for a new woodworker's shop.
The last side-table project in his book (pictured) has the same pedigree as these two other FW projects: Tim Rousseau's small cherry cabinet and Stephen Hammer's small stand with coopered panels.

Amazingly basic modular system lets even beginners design, build and install built-ins for the kitchen and bathroom, freestanding cabinets, bookcases, entertainment centers, and wall units. 230-plus close-up photos and drawings show how to cut parts to size, make grooves, glue veneer, work with laminates, solid woods and chipboard, and more.
Anyone with basic woodworking skills will be able to build a sturdy and versatile workbench and adapt it to their individual needs. See how to create intricate mouldings and decorative edges and learn how to use a variety of bench planes. Included are valuable tips on sharpening, grinding and tuning, as well as when and how to use rabbet, plow and dado planes, and specialty planes.

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