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If we care enough for the environment, helping does not end with recycling old or discarded products alone but also by patronizing those eco-friendly products available in the market today like the Black Gizmo Solid Wood Table Lamp. Because it is made of wood, it surely will not harm our environment especially if the woods used are sustainably sourced or are those that are FSC certified. Posts related to above article: Recycled Your Factory Waste To Make A 1x1 Desk Lamp And Help Save The EarthWe would like to share with you all another great eco-friendly creation by Victor Vetterlein called the 1x1 Desk Lamp. Table Lamp Category For Stunning How To Make Driftwood Lamp with label Antique Driftwood Lamps. Our ever-expanding collection of table lamps are designed to mix and match with our broad selection of Couture Shades. Handpainted in India exclusively for World Market, our Ombre Wood Table Lamp Base features graduated earth tones against a ribbed texture.

We have a nice selection of floor lamps with attached tables; perfect for along side recliners and side chairs. Floor Lamps, Rustic Wooden Tables, Wooden Cantilever, Cantilever Tables, Table Lamps, … Reminds me of the pixar lamp, if you can dream it you can build it. By embracing the beauty and possibilities of minimally processed wood, CustomMade artisans who create rustic chic furniture and decor remind us that rustic simplicity doesn’t mean a lack of sophistication.  Rather, it means making the most of what’s available. Designed by the Estonian designers of Black Gizmo who have the desire of creating wood products, this stylish desk lamp is made of wood and looks stylish enough to be in our tables at home or office. We all know that wood can decompose naturally and requires no harmful chemicals to achieve an elegant look. Learn how to finish making a table lamp shaft in this free video on home decor and lighting.

Add new light to any room with any of these lamps from Overstock Your Online Lighting & Ceiling Fans Store! Whether it’s the beauty of wood, an eco-friendly ethos, the challenge of combining unlikely styles and materials in unique creations, or all three, post your ideas for custom rustic chic furniture and decor on our “Get it Made” project board and see what the “making-do” approach at the heart of a rustic style freed from stereotypes can bring to your home. The Black Gizmo Solid Wood Table Lamp is one of the eco-friendly products we can rely on when it comes to caring for our environment without compromising comfort and style. Pitch Black Stool And Table: Stylish Chair Made Of Reclaimed WoodMultifunction furniture saves some amount of money, as you don't need to buy two furniture pieces for each purpose.

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