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One fun part was eating the food. A lot easier than disposing of the cat food when building my cat can alcohol stove. Note: Not all of these stoves are wood gas stoves, but just simple screens that help focus and elevate heat and flame from wood fuel.
From what I have read, the BSA was getting complaints and also observing a rise in injuries related to constructing the popular Pepsi-can alcohol stove.
The air flowing up through the Progresso can helps in the combustion, especially when you initially start the stove. The real advantage of a wood burner is that (hopefully) you have plenty of fuel available to you where you will be using the stove, thus reducing weight carried and minimizing the need to care about how much fuel you are burning–just burn as much or as little as needed to get the job done. However, with a bottom on the bigger can, it’s hard to remove ash from the gap between the inner can and the bigger can. Make a simple tin-can stove that costs 99 cents, runs for free, and sequesters carbon as you cook. You can build a simple example of an appropriate technology that addresses all these problems: a biomass gasifier camp stove.
There are many designs for efficient camp stoves, and gasification is only one way to boost the efficiency of a cooking fire.
This TLUD camp stove works in batches: fill it up with twigs and woody bits, and light it from the top.
When a TLUD is dialed in, it’s lovely: a layer of smoke hangs over the coal bed like a fog, and appears imprisoned by a gauntlet of inward-facing flame jets that rush in from the edges of the stove.
This residual charcoal is a fringe benefit: not only can you use it for gunpowder (see MAKE Volume 13, page 54), but you can cook with it a second time in a clean-burning charcoal fire. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. My first exposure to wood-burning backpacking stoves was a Sierra stove that another adult leader brought to a Boy Scout training event.

I had some JB Weld, but to date I haven’t glued anything together since it fits so well already (in fact, I had to lightly tap the smaller can into the paint can, which really makes a tight fit).
I also used the Dremel to make 4 slices near the bottom of the 19 oz Progresso can for the wire mesh. Most of the wood around my house is snow-soaked and I can attest that wet wood is hard to burn. Making a wood burning stove might be debatable within some groups, for from my reading, it is allowed. In my own experience, I feel that it is essential to teach safety and proper handling for all the permitted fuel types, including and especially wood burning stoves and fires. While a cool DIY project, these stoves are difficult to construct and are prone to injury, especially for the youth.
From one perspective, you could argue that this policy is specifically addressing chemical-based stoves and fuels, not wood burning stoves. The wood gas stove in this article is an elegantly simple gasifier design called a TLUD stove (for top-lit updraft), also known as an inverted downdraft stove. As the fire burns, it makes a layer of hot coals, and as this burning mass descends into the can, it becomes starved for air.
The hot gases rise to the top of the camp stove, where they are met by an inrush of preheated air and, if all goes well, combine completely with this air in a clean secondary burn that consumes the methane, soot, and carbon monoxide produced by the primary combustion. While the stove is gasifying, it’s remarkably clean: there’s little or no smoke and only a faint odor, reminiscent of diesel or creosote. On your first hole, push only the tip of your step drill through the can and into the wood.Remove the can from the backup block and put the drill tip back into the hole you just made.
Amongst other gases, the main constituent of wood gas is carbon monoxide, a flammable (but highly toxic!) gas. If you build your own stove properly then there will be sufficient air throughput without recourse to a fan.

My troop used to make the Pepsi-can stove, but we switched to making the cat can stove because it was easier to make (just use a single paper hole punch), was less injury prone, and the stoves performed just as well as anything else. After all, an empty coffee can makes a fine wood stove and would even be recommended under Leave No Trace recommendations as you indicate. I’m looking for a good quality, long lasting cook set that is light weight and will work with your stove.
If you don’t care how it looks, you can build it with a can opener, a punch, and a big rock. Called biochar, this buried charcoal enriches the soil and actually makes your carbon-neutral biomass fuel carbon-negative. Younger scouts with less experience should probably start off with canister stoves because it helps build confidence and mastery of techniques.
It is not like an alcohol stove or liquid fuel stove where you can more accurately measure burn time based on a measure of fuel.
If you’ve ever watched a campfire closely, you’ve seen little jets of smoke erupt from the wood ahead of the flame. And when your camp stove is done gasifying and the flame jets go out, clean charcoal remains in the stove. It easily boils enough water for a small pot of tea or a bowl of noodles, using nothing more than a fist-sized charge of scrap wood. A good gasification stove recreates these conditions reliably, generating smoke and moving air to produce these little fire geysers on demand. When you’re done, the standoff nests neatly between the other 2 cans for easy storage.You can experiment with changing the intensity and duration of the flame by changing the size of the hole on the top of the stove.

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